Pinlight Displays:
Wide Field of View Augmented Reality Eyeglasses using Defocused Point Light Sources

Andrew Maimone1      Douglas Lanman2        Kishore Rathinavel1        Kurtis Keller1        David Luebke2     Henry Fuchs1

1University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill         2NVIDIA Research


Prototype pinlight array ship components


We present a novel design for an optical see-through augmented reality display that offers a wide field of view and supports a compact form factor approaching ordinary eyeglasses. Instead of conventional optics, our design uses only two simple hardware components: an LCD panel and an array of point light sources (implemented as an edge-lit, etched acrylic sheet) placed directly in front of the eye, out of focus. We code the point light sources through the LCD to form miniature see-through projectors. A virtual aperture encoded on the LCD allows the projectors to be tiled, creating an arbitrarily wide field of view. Software rearranges the target augmented image into tiled sub-images sent to the display, which appear as the correct image when observed out of the viewer’s accommodation range. We evaluate the design space of tiled point light projectors with an emphasis on increasing spatial resolution through the use of eye tracking. We demonstrate feasibility through software simulations and a real-time prototype display that offers a 110◦ diagonal field of view in the form factor of large glasses and discuss remaining challenges to constructing a practical display.





Maimone, A., Lanman, D., Rathinavel, K., Keller, K., Luebke, D., and Fuchs, H. Pinlight Displays: Wide Field of View Augmented Reality Eyeglasses Using Defocused Point Light Sources. SIGGRAPH 2014 (Vancouver, Canada, August 10-14, 2014)


maimone АT


We thank the National Science Foundation for funding this project in part under grant #1319567, and Jim Mahaney for engineering support.


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